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Tool for Annotation of Photos by Elderly Person

posted Dec 27, 2015, 2:14 PM by Tomas Svoboda
Keywords: Digital photography, Metadata, Annotation, EXIF, JPG, Elderly Senior

My 90 year old father remembers a lot and made a lot of photographs most of which I have digitized from negatives. I thought it would be useful for him to capture his memories by annotating some of the digital photos. I was searching the world for an annotation tool that would be simple enough for him to use - he can type in a text editor but not create a new document. To my huge surprise I found nothing. So after 20 years of programming abstinence I started programming an adequate application in Visual Basic. After a few days I have it ready for him to use.

Now the question is whether anyone else would be interested in using the app and giving me reasons to continue its development. If yes, please let me know at svobodat@gmail.com