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Looking for Anaclet Ikonje from Tanzania

posted Sep 14, 2014, 2:07 PM by Tomas Svoboda   [ updated Oct 28, 2014, 7:45 AM ]
I am looking for my old lost friend Anaclet Ikonje from Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.

He was a journalist studying in 1988 in Czechoslovakia. He said he was a relative of a Tanzanian bishop.
Anaclet, if you see this please write me email at svobodat@gmail.com

And, Dear Anaclet, this is the letter I had sent you in 1992 to the last known address in Dar-Es-Salaam:


Dear Anaclet,
it is a long time since we have last met or corresponded with each other.
When you were leaving Prague I think you were planning to spend another year or so in the USA. I wonder whether you have succeeded.
As for me in 1989 I have married a wonderful girl. Her name is Jana and she is very good at music. We expect our first baby in April.
Also in 1989 as you well know some things in our country have changed. The communists are not in power any more and the political school you have attended has been turned over to a sport/athletics institute. We do have more freedom now but not everything is perfect. The bad effects of communism on our country are very long-lasting and extremely difficult to delete.
And many of the past commanders and directors are still in their jobs - they make any progress very difficult. This is the price for a peaceful revolution. Had all the communists been put to jail all would be much simpler. But we do not want to cause damage to people so they are left free.
Dáša - the black haired girl who played the organ at st. Václav has married a fellow musician and also expect a baby next year.
You certainly remember Milada - the blonde girl who was preparing for her baptism while you were in Prague. After the years she
found a boyfriend in Italy and married him. It was a great and wonderful wedding. We have all rejoiced with Milada at the end
of her troubles concerning her original family & lack of place to live.
I wonder how your work of a journalist is going. This comes to my mind as I have recently installed a computer system in one Catholic newspaper. I hope that your newspaper is succesful.
Please give my best regards to your wife & children and have a Most Happy New Year 1992


Tomáš Svoboda

Sušická 5/599, 160 00  Praha 6, Czechoslovakia