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Brexit 1.0 Had Already Cost Thousands of Lives

posted Apr 3, 2018, 1:36 AM by Tomas Svoboda   [ updated Apr 6, 2018, 12:53 AM ]
Let's take back control: Henry VIII
“Taking Back Control” is not a new concept in British politics. It has been tried once before with consequent isolation that is in effect until now. I am referring to Henry VIII who around 1530 grew frustrated about the dictate from Brussels - sorry Rome - and took control of his own divorce deal. He had to found an independent Church of England in the process which is almost identical to the Roman Catholic Church except for the leadership and scope of influence.

I wonder whether Henry had used some phrase similar to “Taking Control Back” at the time...

Let us remember some of the context and consequences which include interesting similarities with the current attempt at Brexit 2.0 :

  • The social media of the time spearheaded by Gutenberg’s printing presses had an important influence on propagating the ideology behind the split
  • Tens of thousands judicial murders were committed during the process of taking back control ... https://history.howstuffworks.com/historical-figures/10-henry-viii-executions.htm

    • including Anne Boleyn - the bride for whom the whole divorce adventure had started...
    • including the classic Utopian thinker Thomas More
  • Except for the individual freedom to divorce for Henry VIII the split had little practical effect - even the divorce policy of the Church of England remains almost identical with Rome up to nowadays
  • I have yet to find any advantages the British people have gained from the split